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Magento 2 Integration Installation Guide and User Guide

myGDEX for Magento Installation Guide

1.0 Installation

Install the "myGDEX for Magento 2" extension by the method below.
Make sure your site meets the following criteria:
  1. Switch magento to "default" or "developer" mode
  2. Copy the "app" folder to your magento root folder.

2.0 Activation

You will need to clear Magento cache in order to use the extension.
  1. Go to "System" - "Cache Management"
  2. Click "Select All" 1 and select action = refresh and click "Submit" 2
  3. Click "Flush Magento Cache" 3
  4. Click "Flush Cache Storage" 4

3.0 Configuration

  1. Go to "Stores" - "Configurations", under Sales Tab click on "GDEXShipping". 1
  2. Key in the "User Access Token".
  3. Select "Yes" for "Use user detail from myGDEX" 2. You may select "No" and change the sender details.
  4. Choose your default Parcel Type. 3
  5. Click "Save Config".

1.1 Magento Order Dashboard

  1. Click on "Sales" - "Orders" to view and manage your orders
  2. “GDEX Consignment” column 1 shows the Consignment ID for which you have created consignment note. Default is blank.
  3. “GDEX Shipping Estimate” column 3 shows the estimated shipping fee for each order.

1.2 Consignment Note Creation (Single Order Page)

You may create consignment note at Magento Single Order Page.
  1. Click on the Order ID which you would like to manage.
  2. Click on "GDEX" 1 to create consignment.
  3. “Estimate” shows the Estimated Shipping Fee based on customer shipping address.
  4. "Get Latest Quote" 2 when store owner edit customer shipping details and/or product/s and/or products' weight.
  5. "Create Shipment" 3 will direct store owner to consignment creation page.

1.3 Consignment Note Creation (Bulk)

You may also bulk create consignment note at Magento Order Dashboard.
  1. Tick all the orders which you would like to manage.
  2. Select “GDEX - Update Shipping Estimate” 1 if you would like to recalculate estimated shipping fee.
  3. Select “GDEX - Create Shipment” 2 if you would like to bulk create consignment note.

1.4 Consignment Note Creation (Pick Up/Lodge In)

For both single and bulk consignment note creation, you’ll need to fill up the details as below.
  1. Select “Type” 1 either “Pick Up” or “Lodge In”.
  2. For “Pick Up”, choose available “Pick Up Date” 2.
  3. For “Pick Up”, choose available “Pick Up Time” 3.
  4. For “Pick Up”, choose available “Transportation” 4.
  5. For “Pick Up”, choose if “Trolley Required” 5.
  6. For “Pick Up”, fill in “Remarks” 6 if applicable.
  7. You may change “Sender Details” 7 if required.
  8. You may change “Parcel Type” 8 if required.
  9. You may change “Pieces” 9 if required. Limit to maximum 5 pieces.
  10. You may change “Weight” 10 if required.
  11. Click “Top Up” 11 if you do not have sufficient credit.
  12. Click “Save Shipment” to create consignment note.

1.5 Print Consignment Note

You may print myGDEX consignment note from your Magento Dashboard.
  1. Go to "Sales" - "GDEX Shipping" - "Consignments".
  2. If you would like to print single consignment note click the "Select" 1 and "Print Consignment" 2.
  3. If you would like to bulk print, tick on all the Consignment ID you wish to select. From the dropdown choose "Print Consignments".

1.6 Pickup Cancellation

You may cancel your pickup request. All cancelled pickup request will be treated as lodge in to GDEX branch.
  1. Go to "Sales" - "GDEX Shipping" - "Pickups".
  2. Click "Cancel" 1 on the Pickup ID you wish to cancel.
  3. Note for today's pickup, you cannot cancel.

1.7 Invoices

You may view your Invoice ID from Magento Dashboard.
  1. Go to "Sales" - "GDEX Shipping" - "Invoices" to view all invoices.