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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

myGDEX is an online courier service platform which allows you to check for delivery charges, pay online and print consignment notes anytime, anywhere, at your convenience. You can also arrange for us to pick-up your parcels from your doorstep.
No, you can create shipments even without signing up. However, you will get to enjoy special member rates if you sign up with us.
You may sign up for multiple accounts. However as we will be using your email address as your login ID, each account creation will require a different email address.
Use the Quote box in our homepage or click on Send Package in the top menu bar, then key in the details, pay online and your consignment note will be ready for printing.
Yes, you can. But this feature is only available for members. You will need to sign up to be able to use this.
Yes, you can. But this feature is only available for members. You will need to sign up to be able to use this.
Yes, you can. The portal is designed to be mobile-friendly. Do ensure your device is connected to a printer so that the consignment note can be printed out.
No, you are not allowed to change your email address once registration is done. Please email us at for assistance.
Weight will be determined by either actual weight or volumetric weight, whichever higher. However, final weight will be determined by GDEX and customer will be notified on the extra charges imposed, if any. GDEX has the right to hold the shipment until the payment for the extra charges is made.
No, you are required to print the consignment note only on blank white paper.
Not for now, but we are definitely looking into it. Please create and get your shipment ready beforehand, then you may lodge in at our branches and other networks.
Yes, you can. Just select the pick-up option during shipment creation. To enjoy free pick-up charges, sign up with us and top up using our e-Wallet feature. If lodge in option has been selected instead, do send your shipment to the nearest GDEX branch, agent or lodge in areas.
You can input your shipment ready time under the pick-up option and key in special remarks, we will do our best to accommodate to your request but no promises. Please contact us at 03-6419 5003 for assistance.
We will rearrange another pick-up the next working day. However, you may still contact us at 03-6419 5003 or email us at for assistance.
This is because the area selected is our Non Serviceable Area. We will not be able to pick-up or deliver to these areas, therefore you are required to lodge in or inform your recipient to collect from our GDEX office as indicated.
Lodge in is available only at our Branch, Agent and Lodge-In areas, do refer to our Network List.
Courier charges, including government tax, security and fuel surcharge plus handling charges.
The portal allows you to pay via iPay88 which includes debit, credit card and online banking. You may also use our e-Wallet feature to enjoy special privileges.
E-Wallet is a feature that allows you to purchase GDEX credits which may be used to pay for GDEX services offered in the portal. You may get to enjoy special privileges by using this feature. This feature is only available for members. You will need to sign up to be able to use this.
You can top up your e-Wallet credits by selecting the top up packages from the e-Wallet top up page, then pay online. Your e-Wallet credits will then be reflected in the portal.
Yes, e-Wallet credits are only valid for one year from the date of your last purchase or spend, whichever later. E-Wallet expiry date is displayed in the Dashboard. After expiry, you will have no claim whatsoever against GDEX.
Proforma/Commercial invoice is required for shipments from West Malaysia to East Malaysia and vice versa, Sabah to Sarawak and vice versa, as well as to International destinations. Please insert the invoice into the available plastic pouch and pass to our couriers together with your shipment.
No, we will not accept expired consignment notes, neither can it be refundable. Please use the consignment note within 14 days.
Yes, you can. The system allows you to cancel the shipment/ pick-up within 5 days from payment date, given that shipment has not been passed to GDEX/ given that pick-up has yet to be performed by GDEX or cancellation of pick-up is not on the pick-up date itself. We will then refund the payment to you.
If you’ve signed up with us, refunds will be made to e-Wallet. If not, refunds will be made to your bank account. GDEX has the right to request documents for verification purposes during refunding process. Refunds will only be made to the owner of the IC or passport number stated.
For lost cases, please report to GDEX within 14 days of the shipment submission date. For damage cases, please report to GDEX within 24 hours from the delivered date. You may report to GDEX by contacting us at 03-6419 5003 or emailing us at
Subject to Terms & Conditions of Carriage, the maximum liability per consignment note shall not exceed RM200.00 for any reason whatsoever.
You may purchase flyers as well as fragile stickers from the portal by clicking on Supplies in the side menu bar. This feature is only available for members. You will need to sign up to be able to use this. In fact, we also provide free flyers if you top up certain e-Wallet packages.
Yes, you can. Please email us at for assistance. We will then refund your e-Wallet credits if any, subject to administration fees.
You can drop us a message at the Contact Us page. Alternatively you can email to us at or call us at 03-6419 5003.
You can read more about us from myGDEX portal as well as from GDEX’s official website,