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Guest Tutorial

Step 1:

Fill in Postcode, Location and Weight. Then, click “Quote”.

Step 2:

Check your shipping details and click “Book Now”.

Step 3:

Key in Delivery Details
a) Complete Sender Details and Receiver Details.
b) Choose Services whether Lodge in or arrange for Pick-up.
c) Fill up Pick-up Details if opt for Pick-up service.
d) Fill up Parcel Details then click Checkout.

Step 4:

Proceed to pay with online banking.

Step 5:

Print out Consignment Note and Invoice.

Step 6: Prepare Shipment.

Prepare shipment and paste Consignment Note on the parcel accordingly. Follow Guideline provided in myGDEX website (

Step 7: Lodge in or Pick-up.

Lodge in your parcel to our nearest outlets or wait for courier to pick-up. Refer to our network list at (