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Standard of Packaging

Step 1:

Wrap your item individually with a bubble wrap. We recommend you to wrap the item with at least 3 layers of bubble wrapper. It is advisable to use “an industrial bubble wrapper”.

Step 2:

After using the “bubble wrapper”, we recommend you to use “PE Stretch Film” to wrap your item. This is to maximize the protection and to avoid the impact from other heavy shipment.

Step 3:

Next, place the wrapped item into GDEX flyer. For heavier or bigger item, we recommend you to use a big and strong outer box. Seal the box with plastic or reinforced carton tape on top and bottom of your package. Remember to use the H taping method while taping.

Step 4:

Once item has been packed properly, print the Consignment Note at home.

Step 5:

Follow the dotted line and cut it. Then, you will have two copies. One is the Sender Copy, another one is the Receiver Copy.

Step 6:

Paste the Receiver Copy and MPS (if any) onto your parcels. Take note that if you have both Receiver Copy and MPS, you have to paste the Receiver Copy onto the first parcel and MPS onto subsequent parcel.

Step 7:

Keep the SENDER COPY for your own reference.

Step 8:

For shipments to East Malaysia and international destinations, do ensure proforma/commercial invoice is inserted into the available plastic pouch or passed to our couriers together with your parcel. [Sample of Proforma Invoice Template]