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Member Tutorial

Step 1:

Login as Member.

Step 2:

Select "Send Package" from the side menu.

Step 3:

Send Package Page
a) Choose to send to single recipient, multiple recipients or use the bulk shipment feature.
b) Fill in Sender Details, Receiver Details.
For Bulk Shipment, fill Receiver Details in Template File and upload file.
c) Choose Services (Lodge in or Pick-up).
d) Fill up Pick-up Details if opt for Pick-up service.
e) Fill up Parcel Details and Quote.

Step 4:

Click “Checkout Now” if you want to proceed with payment. Else click “Continue Shopping” to continue creating orders.

Step 5:

Before checkout, you can purchase supplies/products if needed. Else, you may proceed by clicking “Skip”.

Step 6:

You may choose to pay via iPay88 or e-Wallet.

Step 7:

Print out Consignment Note and Invoice.

Step 8: Prepare Shipment.

Prepare shipment and paste Consignment Note on the parcel accordingly. Follow Guideline provided in myGDEX website (

Step 9: Lodge in or Pick-up.

Lodge in your parcel to our nearest outlets or wait for courier to pick-up. Refer to our network list at (

Quick View

  • To send your package, go to “Send Package”.
  • To check your shipment history, go to “Shipment”.
  • To purchase GDEX supplies, go to “Supplies”.
  • To top-up e-wallet or check top-up transaction, go to “My Credit”.
  • To update your profile info or address book, go to “My Page”.
  • To track your parcel, go to “Tools”.